Terms of Membership and Profile Creation
We want to provde a safe and respectful environment in which members can politely and discretely communicate with one another. To register a profile, you need to agree on the following:
  • You agree NOT to misuse the information (such as photo, horoscope, contact details of other members) accessible to you.
  • You agree NOT to send to other members messages that are impolite or considered inappropriate otherwise
  • You agree that the information provided by you (phone, address, e-mail, photograph, horoscope etc), may be shared with other members who show interest in your profile.

*Submission of all information is not mandatory. If you do not wish to have a piece of information (e.g. name, horoscope, photograph) to be shared with others, you may not provide that information.

**Matrimonials profiles inappropriate for publication will be removed.

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