Franchise Guidelines


We are the No 1 exclusive oriya matrimonials website. Internet based matrimonials related services is profitable. We are offering franchises to dedicated people who believe in this and are willing to work hard.

We provide our best support to our franchises and drive clients to our franchise offices in the following ways:

  • Weekly dedicated newspaper advertisements
  • Advertiements on the Internet through Google
  • Hoardings and billboards
  • Radio and TV

We do not ask for heavy investments (like other national matrimonial sites). We do ask for a dedicated environment/premises where our services can be provided.

We expect the following from the franchise

  • Premises - The franchise premises must be a dedicated one and no activities other than matrimonial related services should be conducted there. A description of the premises is given below.
  • Staff - The franchise is expected to employ a Customer Care person. The franchisee owner can also act as the Customer Care person. The Cusomer Care person must be familiar with computer operations such as Internet browsing, e-mail, printing, scanning etc.
  • Computer/scanner/printer - The franchise is expected to have computer equipment necessary to provide services to clients.
  • High speed Internet connection - A dedicated high speed Internet connection will be necessary as it would be necessary to demonstrate to clients the contents of the web site as well as the benefits available to them.
  • Telephone - A phone connection should be dedicated for the purpose such that prospective customers are able to contact the franchise.

The premises must be kept open during hours that are convenient for the clients (e.g. evening hours and Sundays).

We have given a diagram that serves as a guideline for the layout of the premises. Please understand the layout is only a guide. The franchisee is free to choose their layout, but it must be similar to the layout we have given here and meet minimum standards.

We expect the premises to be at least about 10' x 12 ' or so. It must be well lighted and the must be comfortable enough for clients. The room must be adequately equipped with fans or air conditioners. The premises must be located on a main road and easily accessible from all parts of the town. The premises must have areas where a glow sign (provided by us) can be displayed

Benefits for the Franchises

Franchisee owners are expected to clearly explain the benefits of our memberships to clients and help them take memberships that is appropriate for them. Franchisee owners are expected to be helpful and give guidance to clients.

Oriyamatrimonials shares the membership revenues generously with its franchises. And as the revenue levels go up, the share of the franchises would also go up. So gearter the revenues, greater the benefits for the franchises. To a large degree, the benefits for the franchise would be dependent on the dedication and effort levels of the franchisee.

As we have mentioned earlier, we will provide for all promotional activities that would send clients to the franchises. However,the franchises are also expected to popularise our membership schemes in their cities.

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(If you are selected for a franchisee, we will require at the time of set up, a franchise fee of Rs 500/- and a refundable security deposit of Rs. 10,000/-)